Three Point Consulting, Inc., established fourteen years ago this summer, is a leader in the niche market forming at the junction of transit fare collection and open payment systems. This new convergence, facilitated by advances in smart fare media and account-based system technologies, will transform the way transit fares are collected and processed.

Since its inception, THREE POINT – as an advocate of the transit agency – has been a proactive opponent of closed, proprietary solutions and a champion of open, account-based systems. As regional smart card program consultant to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, THREE POINT developed the Regional Interoperability Standard for Electronic Transit Fare Payments (RIS), and building on this work, THREE POINT led development of the Contactless Fare Media System Standard (CMFS) at the core of the Universal Transit Farecard Standard (UTFS) of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

For over a decade, THREE POINT has played a key role in the most important advances in the transit fare collection industry and has served as a trusted source for smart card and payment technology advice, market research, business case development, project management and program implementation.

THREE POINT was retained as technical consultant for both the procurement and implementation phases of the breakthrough Open Standards Fare System (OSFS) project of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

Not satisfied with merely following industry trends, THREE POINT has, at its own expense, conducted extensive independent research and development to identify and advance account-based fare processing solutions.

Look for announcements of innovative, game-changing solutions in this area in the near future.


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